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Art lover
and big dreams believer I'm discerning eye and love for fashion developed at a very young age.
Born in Italy and raised in Sardinia and Tuscany, I grew up in a a family of mostly women.
My two grandmothers were both seamstresses, and taking inspiration from fashion magazines they use to sew lot of clothes for me, expecially skirts! I could tell lot of moments that, since a young age, tied up me to the fashion world. I remember when me and my mother used to talk in the car going back to home after my dance lessons about collections and photo seen in the magazines that she used to buy.

After completing my Art degrees I set my sights on a fashion career.
I started in Italy as dresser during Milan Fashion Week and Pitti Immagine in Florence, but after only a month, I started to work at "Elevent", a Fashion and Events agency, as an integral part of the Team.
I grew up professionally working as Stylist and Fashion Show Production Assistant and I learned how to organize a fashion show in all its characterizations.
In a short time I had the opportunity to work with many other agencies, mainly around Tuscany, Milan and Rome.

After 3 years I moved to London where I apprentiate under some of the most influential stylists in the industry and I really started to immerse myself in the world of styling, working as a freelance for many projects including shooting, lookbook and events as organizer.
I'm not only fulfill my responsibilities as a stylist, I also inspire and lift the morale of the team around me to achieve our greatest creative capabilities.