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I had the pleasure to assist the stylist Masha Mombelli for this amazing fashion collaboration with talented photographer Danil Golovkin and a super creative team for the cover of "VISION" China.
The central theme of the project was based on Henri Rousseau's famous surrealist painting 'The Dream'. The photographer wanted to create an otherworldly effect here using a black background, surreal vegetation and deformed animal parts that initially look real, but – after some inspection – are revealed to be more surrealistic. As with Rousseau's painting, symbolism is very important here, every shape can be interpreted differently.

CREDITS TEAM: Collage: Ashkan Honarvar & Photography: Danil Golovkin - Styling: Masha Mombelli- Model: Wanessa Milhomem @Select Models - Hairstyling: Bjorn Krischker @Frank Agency - Make -up: Yin Lee @Era Management - Nail art: Sophie Harries Greenslade Emma Davies - Photography Assistants: Ruslan Rogozin & Mila Nesterova - Stylist Assistants: Marley Raja, Marta Lenzi & Ateser Aldemir