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"LETDOWN" wants to be first and foremost a "breaking of the schemes".
Inspired primarily by "Pretty Woman", it follows the story of a relationship between a fascinating middle-aged businessman in the London City area and a young dreamer girl that on the night becomes a high-class prostitute to gain a comfortable life.
Their relationship is purely commercial, but the young woman falls in love with her habitual client, seeing in him a boat of salvation from her own life.
The story develops in the modern City of London, the only real element that connects the different lives of the two characters. For him, the theater of a frantic routine divided between office, mundane life and fleeting encounters. For her, the right place to find high society clients.
From here the recall to the film "The Great Beauty", where is represented a scenery of a vacuous and defeat life, powerful and depressing made ​​of sad appearances.

During the shooting the expectations of the public are beginning to crumble, the dream becomes more and more 'ephemeral and unattainable.
From the romantic and dreamy style at the beginning it starts to go to a nearly noir, where you begin to feel a different taste, made of intrigue, games and subterfuges, until reaching to an ironic climax, desperate and definitely unexpected, a splatter final in a "Sin City" style. The atmospheres and the colors chosen for the different scenes follow the course of the history by mixing the different styles of the 3 Movies mentioned above and creating a dynamic color palette.

CRETITS TEAM: Production: Marta Lenzi, Domingo Nardulli - Photographer: Domingo Nardulli - Stylist: Marta Lenzi - Hair Stylist: Matteo Serpau
Make-up Artist: Sabrina Priano - Assistant Photographer:Laurent Lavì Lazzeresky, Sara Baldelli - Assistant Stylist: Tiziana Mancarella, Meagan Concessio, Giorgia Gregori - Models: Katrina @Sapphires, Rod @ModelUnion - Photo Retoucher: Fabio Santoro - Video editing: Matteo Bordogna