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((Fashion show production & backstage assistant - Agency: Elevent, Renè Olivier Produciton

Lila Morency exhibited her A/W 2013 collection called "Blow" during Immagine Italia & Co 2013.

"You lose control, you get quickly into another dimension, you're in a time of transition to the unknown. You lose your certainties, your skills.
A sense of absolute freedom fills you, the adrenaline is pushed to the levels of intoxication. At some point you come into a state of trance, the alcoholic thrill, waiting for the moment that the tear straps that go under tension, jump back, the Recovery of control. Is the moment of euphoria, volumes that take shape, which thins the air and takes its own nature entering into the spaces, stiffening tie rods, joints, and seams that are pushed to exasperation structural.
Then everything returns to a state of apparent calm"

Lila Morency