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"The War Travelogue" is a fashion editorial based on a story built on the real memories of an italian veteran of the World War II.
The project is came out by a close cooperation of a team recently created by me, the photograpger Domingo Nardulli and the retoucher and Matte painter Fabio Santoro, it's the result of more than one month of hard work, spent on the development of the idea and the right choice of every single detail, from the location to the dresses.
This is a special shooting for me and It has been a great satisfaction to get a publication on Superior Magazine.

"THE WAR TRAVELOGUE" Val Grande - giugno 1944
"The War Travelogue" are the memories collected by Giuseppe, a young man enlisted in the Italian partisan resistance to fight for the liberation of his country.
He would give his life to defend his homeland and the future of his people. With courage, curiosity and great team spirit he was eager to make his contribution to a honourable cause. But soon he saw how the war is horrible and atrocious. The life of a partisan was completely different from the poetry adventure that he had imagined in his patriotic dreams. The days went slow and hard walking through the mountains and doing ambushes to the enemy, with the awareness that every day could be the last one. The cold winter and the scarcity of provisions made it increasingly difficult to survive in a war that seemed to have no end.
But when it finally ceases to be fought, Giuseppe realizes that he is no longer the person that he was before. In his eyes constantly returned those horrible images, the massacres, the death of his companions on the battlefield. Now he will never be a normal person

CRETITS TEAM: Production: Domingo Nardulli, Marta Lenzi - Photographer: Domingo Nardulli - Stylist: Marta Lenzi - Assistant Photographer: Sara Baldelli - Mua/Hairstylist: Sara Sorrenti - Photo Retoucher and Matte Painter: Fabio Santoro - Model: Simone Svanera

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