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A suggestive shooting photographed all in analogical camera by Aiden Jordan for "Fin magazine".
The pictures have an antique and mysterious taste, the model has interpreted perfectly the character and he get in tune with the place and the time giving to the picture a strong atmosphere.

"Walk through the street with me, Along the fragmented cobbled paths wich tells stories of our fragmented forgotten past. Let every twist and turn be a new discovery, we are the generation of adventurers, never hiding, always fighting, forever learning. But we cannot learn from what will no longer be there. So run your hands over these brick walls, feel every sharp graze against your skin, to be filed out by the rough rocks between. For soon they will have fallen, and soon after forgotten, This once great place willonly be talked about in chinese whispers into the ears of children from parents who feel nostalgic for a second. So for a moment run wild with me, dive into the past and let me take you through the wreckage."

CREDITS TEAM: Photographed in analogical camera by Aiden Jordan - Make-up and hair: Sara Sorrenti - Stylist: Marta Lenzi - Models: Stuart Onslow @Bookings Model

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